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Demarest Press Release

With the recent spike of COVID-19 in Bergen County, residents are encouraged to take the appropriate safety measures to ensure their safety. To stay up to date with changes within the Borough, please read the official press releases from Chief Bianchi. 

For any additional questions or concerns, please email info@demarestpd.org

A Message From The Mayor

Demarest Residents,

Please see the below letter from Mayor Iannuzzi concerning the Coronavirus.

Updates on Coronavirus

With the continuous spread of the coronavirus in the United States, more specifically Bergen County, precautions must be made. 

The first four links below are to provide general information on the virus as well as ways to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. The last link below shows a map of testing centers in New Jersey.








For any questions or additional information please contact the Demarest Police Department at 201-768-1540

The form below is to be filled out if any assistance is needed during the Coronavirus Event. By filling out the corresponding boxes, the Demarest Police can respond to the residence in a proper manner to assist a resident in need. Please note, this is not for emergency situations; in the case of an emergency please call 9-1-1.

If you know any family or friends that is in need of any special attention please direct them to this form or contact the Police Department at 201-768-1540.


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Want to know what is going on in your community?

Stay connected to Demarest PD!  Receive important information and updates through Nixle.

Residents can now receive important, official information directly from Demarest Police. Nixle is a Notification System to alert residents in real-time for localized emergency situations and relevant community advisories. Messages will be delivered by email, SMS text message, and over the web.

All Alerts will be targeted geographically, allowing residents to receive localized, relevant alerts from Demarest Police Department.  

As a resident, there are several simple ways to register:

  1. Text 07627 to 888777 from your mobile phone

  2. Go to www.Nixle.com and register 


Once registered, residents will receive a confirmation text to their mobile device. Residents may also customize their alert settings by going to www.Nixle.com and creating a User Profile.


New Jersey Attorney General Immigrant Trust Directive

Per Directive 2018-06, links to assist nonimmigrants with temporary U and T visas can be found here:

T and U visa assistance

Notification of State required early warning system for use of force reporting.

In accordance with the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office 2018 requirement that all law enforcement agencies must employ an early warning system to track use of force reports and ensure an early warning system, the Demarest Police Department has in place, an early warning system. The system allows the department to document and track use of force reports and review them for policy compliance, ensuring the public that all officers act within the guidelines of state law at all times. You can review the NJ Attorney General’s requirements here: NJ Attorney General Use of Force Early Warning System Directive

Notification of State required drug testing policy for law enforcement

In accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Drug Testing Policy and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Directive No. 2018-2, this is official and required notification that the Demarest Police Department, has a drug testing policy in place. To read more about the policy click here, 2018-21 Drug Testing Policy


Uniformed police officers within the Demarest Police Department utilize Digital Ally body worn cameras (See pictures above). Body worn cameras are a valuable asset intended to document evidence, witness/suspect statements and improve officer safety. The use of body worn cameras is also used to gain the public's trust and prevent/resolve citizen complaints.


SwiftReach is a leading provider of emergency notification and incident management solutions. Since 2001, SwiftReach has been a reliable and trusted authority in emergency management in the government, utilities, education, healthcare, and enterprise sectors. Headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, SwiftReach is the only emergency and mass notification provider that physically owns and operates its own telephony network. 

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