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"Is Your Number Up"

The members of the Demarest Emergency Services waste no time answering an alarm for assistance. Everything they do is calculated and rehearsed to save every possible second. The trouble is they can’t always find your house in a hurry. Why? Because the house numbers can’t be seen or cannot be read instantly from the street. Failing to provide clear marking of your address may be inviting disaster in the event of an emergency where precious seconds may mean the difference.

Reasons House Numbers Cannot Be Read

  • They are too small.

  • They are painted over.

  • Some digits are missing.

  • Covered or partially covered by planting.

  • Written out of fancy script.

  • Attached to garage door (therefore, only visible if the door is closed).

  • Not adequately lit at night.

  • There are no numbers at all.

Suggested Methods of Addressing​

  • Put numbers that are least four inches tall at the front entrance (or a location easily visible from the street) that contrasts with the background– for example, light numbers on dark or dark numbers on light.

  • For driveway off main roads, place your address numbers on a post at entrance of the driveway.

Below is the information of the Demarest Office of Emergency Management

Chief Coordinator:

Chief Christopher Bianchi


Deputy Coordinator:

Police Officer Michael Bartelucci


Deputy Coordinator:

Police Officer Michael Krynicky


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