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Animal Cruelty Investigations

The Demarest Police Department  has designated two officers to investigate and charge individuals committing offenses that violate State Laws and Local Ordinance regarding animal cruelty within the Borough of Demarest.

It is the policy of the Demarest Police Department to enforce animal cruelty violations, animal welfare statutes, and related local ordinances in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General guidelines and directives.

Humane Law Enforcement Officers

Humane Law Enforcement Officers (HLEO's) are armed and have full law enforcement powers and authority in New Jersey. Officers gain their law enforcement authority through Ttile 4 of New Jersey statutes, and are permitted and authorized under law to enforce any law or ordinance enacted for the protection of animals. In addition, HLEO's issue summonses for criminal charges and/or civil violations, confiscate and seize animals, and make arrest with or without warrant for violations of the animal cruelty laws under NJ Title 4. 

Below is the information of the Humane Law Enforcement Officers: 

Detective Brian Hampton #441

[email protected]


Police Officer David Dickman #443

[email protected]


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